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The setting

27 is a small Greek company that produces wooden accessories. Launched a few years ago, they started by creating wooden bow ties and just recently have expanded their range of products to bracelets and cufflinks. During this year’s Athens Fashion Show, they launched their exclusive collection of wooden swatches. Today 27 Wooden Accessories sell their products around Europe, soon to be available in into the West Coast, USA.

 27 is my number.

Stamatis Nelidakis, owner and founder of 27 Wooden Accessories


The protagonists

Stamatis Nelidakis, owner and founder of the company, contacted us to redesign the logotype. He was looking for a more professional and memorable identity that would better represent his products and the development of the brand itself.


The plot

After analysing the products and the characteristics of the centrepiece material, ergo wood, we explored all possible combinations of the two numbers, 2 and 7, with a view to creating a bold and sophisticated brandmark.
Guided by the values of passion, imagination and strength we transformed the number into an iconic symbol of the company. The brandmark comes in two versions, enclosed by a square or standing alone (mostly for small reproductions, carved on wood). We also redressed the proportions; those between the description “Wooden Accessories” and the logotype, better defining the typography and the relationship with the number.

27 Wooden Accessories Brandmark

27 Wooden Accessories Signature

27 Wooden Accessories Products

27 Wooden Accessories Products

27 Wooden Accessories Products

The result

27’s brandmark is not just a number but mostly an iconic symbol that fully represents the eclectic and rich production of the company. It is also a symbol that finds itself strengthened when carved in wood and can easily be reproduced on such surfaces or even cut out as a single piece.


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