Stainless Steel


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half table ral3016 1


Welcome to the world of Half, where design meets personality. Our metal side table is not just afurniture, it's a canvas for sel-expression. With vibrant colors like red, olive green, wthite and orange, Half is testament to the beauty of balance. 


half table ral7042 5


Featuring two shelves, it's not just a table, it's a functional piece of art. Whether you're sipping coffe, diving into a good book or showcasing your favorite decor, Half is there to elevate your space. 



half table ral4005 4 

Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, Half is more than a side table. It's a conversation starter. Join us in embracing the Falf lifestyle, where every color tells a story, and your space becaomes a reflection of your unique style. 


half table ral1007 3


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